🌟 First Post-Purchase Offer

Capitalize on immediate customer interest by offering more of the same product they just ordered. If the order contains multiple products, Boost Post-Purchase will focus on the last item added to the cart. This targeted approach increases the likelihood of additional sales.

🛍️ Second Post-Purchase Offer

Immediately following the customer’s initial post-purchase offer, select from three types of last-minute offers to show customers to keep the momentum going:

Boost AI Recommendations: Up to 4 last-minute products are intelligently suggested based on the order’s contents, offering a personalized shopping experience.

Best Sellers: Showcases your store’s top-selling products, recommending them based on the customer’s cart, to highlight your most popular items.

Manual Selection: Handpick the products to be featured, tailoring offers to fit your unique sales strategy.

💰 Flexible Discount Options

Both offers can be presented as either dollar-off or percentage-off, giving you and your customers more options and incentives.

✅ How to Quickly Setup Boost Post Purchase Upsells