The Encore to Every Sale

Why let the curtain fall after checkout? With Boost’s Post-Purchase Upsells, every sale gets a standing ovation – and an encore.

Seize the Moment After the Sale

Transform post-checkout into a sales opportunity:

  • Present irresistible offers on their own dedicated pages after purchase
  • Catch customers while they’re still riding the buying high
  • Boost average order value without cluttering the main checkout flow

It’s not just an upsell. It’s perfect timing meets perfect offers.

The Boost Difference: Features That Keep the Show Going

1. ⚙️ Flexible Upsell Sequence: Choose Your Own Adventure

Craft the perfect post-purchase journey:

  • Go big with a two-page upsell extravaganza
  • Keep it simple with a single, compelling offer page
  • Mix and match to find your golden ticket

Because every store deserves a custom-tailored finale.

2. 🌟 First Offer Page: Give ‘Em More of What They Love

Capitalize on fresh excitement:

  • Offer another round of the product they just bought
  • For multi-item hauls, spotlight the last addition to the cart
  • Tap into the “If one is good, two must be better!” mindset

Watch as happy customers double down on their favorites.

3. 🛍️ Second Offer Page: The Grand Finale

Choose your showstopper:

  • Boost AI Recommendations: Smart suggestions based on their haul
  • Best Sellers: Your store’s greatest hits
  • Manual Selection: Handpick the perfect encore

It’s like having a mind-reading sales assistant (minus the mind reading).

4. ⚙️ Discount Flexibility: Speak Their Language

Craft deals that sing on each offer page:

  • Toggle between percentage-off and fixed-amount discounts
  • Find the sweet spot between “Oh, nice!” and “I’d be crazy not to!”

Because sometimes 20% off hits different than $5 off (even when it’s the same).

✅ Setting Up Your Boost Post Purchase Upsells

🚀 Ready to Give Your Sales an Encore?

Join the savvy brands turning “order complete” into “let’s keep shopping!”

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