It helps steer customers to larger cart sizes. Encourages them to explore more products. The more they discover, the more they’ll find their favorites. Once they pinpoint these favorites, they become repeat customers, increasing their lifetime value.

🗺️ The Cart’s Role in the Customer Journey

The cart isn’t just a transaction point—it’s the start of a long-term relationship. Get the cart right, and everything else falls into place. The Boost Cart excels here with reward tiers, AI recommendations, and cross-sells.

🏆 Reward Tiers

Reward tiers are more than just incentives—they’re a strategy. Motivate customers with real-time benefits: discounts, free shipping, or gifts. With up to four customizable reward tiers, you’re in control. For instance, set Tier 1 for free shipping, and offer unique gifts for Tiers 2, 3, and 4. The choice is yours.

✨ AI Recommendations & Cross-Sells

Boost’s AI analyzes cart contents to suggest complementary products. It’s smart, seamless, and increases cart value. And then there are the cross-sells: products that are naturally paired with current selections, nudging customers to add just a bit more to their order.

🔄 Switch to Subscription

Boost’s Cart allows customers to easily change a one-time product to a subscription right in the cart. This fosters longer-term commitments and enhances customer lifetime value.

🎨 Cart Reward Bar Style

Choose the appearance of your Cart Reward Bar from various styles available. As you select, you’ll see a real-time preview to ensure it matches your store’s design.

✅ How to Quickly Setup Boost Cart