Log into Boost, and the Moneyboard greets you first. It’s straightforward—showing the extra revenue Boost brings in. Every feature in Boost is tuned to increase your conversion rate and boost the spending per order. On the Moneyboard, you can track the results, observing the direct impact on your revenue, return on investment (ROI), and other key metrics over time.

💰 Revenue & ROI

At the top of the Moneyboard, a graph paints a vivid picture of your total revenue and Return on Investment (ROI) with Boost.

Revenue & ROI

  • Incremental Revenue

Spotlighted here is the total incremental revenue, the sum of sales generated through Boost’s enabled features. This includes revenue from active reward tiers on the cart, cross-sells, post-checkout upsells, checkout upsells, switch to subscription options in the cart, add to cart actions from collections, and sales through the bundle builder. It’s all there on the graph, a straightforward view of the additional revenue Boost brings to your store.

  • Return on Investment

Here, it’s about the balance between what you spend on Boost and the revenue it generates. ROI, or Return on Investment, gauges the efficiency of the enabled Boost features by comparing the total incremental revenue against the cost of Boost. A higher ROI signals a greater return on the money spent. To ramp up ROI, simply enable all Boost features.

📊 Key Revenue Stats

Key Revenue Stats

Cart Performance

Revenue from orders with at least one active reward tier is displayed here. Orders without an active reward tier won’t contribute to the total.

Collections Boost

Revenue generated from items added to the cart directly from the collections page is shown in this segment.

Checkout Upsells

This shows the revenue from products sold as upsells at the checkout stage.

Post-Purchase Upsells

Track the revenue generated from upsells made after the initial purchase in this section.

In-Cart Cross-Sells and AI Recommendations

Revenue generated from cross-sells and AI recommendations within the cart is displayed here.

Bundle Boost Performance

This section displays revenue from any Boost bundle builders.

🛒 Tracking the Cart

Tracking the Cart

Reward Tiers

Dive into the cart’s performance with a detailed breakdown based on reward tiers. Depending on the number of reward tiers you have (ranging from one to four), this section provides a clear view of the revenue and order count for each tier.

For instance, typically, the first tier is free shipping. You’ll be able to see the number of orders and the revenue that didn’t qualify for free shipping. The same breakdown is provided for each active reward tier, whether it’s tier 1, 2, 3, or 4.

If you’re offering a mix of rewards like free shipping, percentage discount, and a free gift, you can easily see the number of orders and revenue attributed to each tier.

Switch to Subscription

Lastly, the ‘Switch to Subscription’ feature in the cart is highlighted. For any one-time purchase product, you can switch it to a subscription product. The revenue generated from this switch is displayed, allowing you to measure the impact of subscription offerings within the cart.

➕ Tracking Checkout Upsells

Tracking Checkout Upsells

Checkout Upsell Revenue Metrics

Zoom into the revenue specifically generated by checkout upsells. See the total revenue, average value of every checkout upsell, and the total order count influenced by this strategy.

Top Checkout Upsell Performers

Highlight the standout products offered as checkout upsells. This breakdown provides insights into individual product performance, revealing order counts, generated revenue, and conversion rates for each item.

📈 Tracking Post Purchase Upsells

Tracking Post Purchase Upsells

Post Purchase Upsell Revenue Metrics

Explore the revenue brought in by post-purchase upsells. This section showcases the total earnings, the average value of every post-purchase upsell, and the aggregate order count derived from this approach.

Top Post Purchase Upsell Performers

Identify which products shine brightest when set as post-purchase upsells. Delve into detailed metrics that illustrate individual product success, including order counts, revenue amounts, and conversion percentages.

📦 Tracking Bundle Builders

Tracking Bundle Builders

Bundle Boost Key Figures

Get a quick snapshot of your total revenue and orders, giving you an instant understanding of how your Bundle Builders are performing.

Breakdown by Bundle Flow

Dive into the numbers for each of your bundle flows. See which flows are driving the most sales and adjust your strategies accordingly. With this data in hand, fine-tune your offerings to maximize revenue and customer satisfaction.