Boost is the all-in-one growth app trusted by leading CPG brands in food, health, & wellness.

Think of Boost as your store’s silent partner, working 24/7 to maximize your ROI and AOV. It’s not just an app—it’s a full team of Shopify experts packaged into one powerful solution. We’ve distilled 15+ years of e-commerce expertise into your ultimate growth ally.

What should you expect with Boost? More money in your pocket. More loyal customers. Unstoppable growth.

The Boost Difference

1. 🛒 The Original Cart That Makes People Spend More

Picture this: A customer adds a $50 item to their cart. Nice, right? Now imagine if they saw a message: “Spend $25 more for free shipping!” Suddenly, that $50 order becomes $75.

That’s the magic of Boost Cart:

  • The only cart with up to 4 reward tiers
  • Combines discounts, gifts, and shipping incentives
  • Encourages customers to spend more, delightfully

It’s not just a cart. It’s a growth engine.

2. 📦 Bundle Builder: The Art of “And”

Why sell one when you can sell three? Boost’s Bundle Builder is like a “Create Your Own Adventure” book, but for shopping.

  • Customers mix and match products
  • Average order value skyrockets
  • Shoppers enjoy a personalized experience

Result? Higher sales. Happier customers. Win-win.

3. 🛍️ Post-Purchase Upsells: The Sale After the Sale

The order’s complete. But the opportunity isn’t. It’s like asking, “Would you like fries with that?” but smarter.

  • Offer complementary products after checkout
  • Clear inventory faster
  • Increase order value with no pressure

Your customers say “thank you.” Then they say “yes, please!”

4. 💳 Checkout Upsells: The Power of “One More Thing”

For Shopify Plus users, this is your chance to boost order value right at the finish line.

  • AI-powered product suggestions at checkout
  • Perfectly timed offers when customers are primed to buy
  • Seamlessly integrated into the checkout process

It’s like having a top salesperson who knows exactly what to recommend and when. Watch your average order value climb, one smart suggestion at a time.

5. 🌟 Collections: Your Product Showcase Powerhouse

Imagine a store where every product is exactly where it should be, easy to find, and irresistible to buy. That’s what Boost’s Collections feature delivers.

  • Hero Filters: Guide customers with top-of-page selections like “Founder’s Picks” or “Best Sellers”
  • Sidebar Filters: Let shoppers refine their search effortlessly, complete with custom icons
  • Instant Search: Lightning-fast product discovery by title and description
  • Sorting Options: From A-Z to price ranges, put control in your customers’ hands
  • Product Card Customization: Unique images, review app integration, and custom descriptions

It’s not just organization. It’s a conversion rate booster in disguise.

6. 📊 Moneyboard: Proof in Numbers

Moneyboard is where promises become proof. It’s our way of showing you that Boost isn’t just talk—it’s a real growth engine for your store.

  • Revenue Tracking: See the extra earnings Boost generates for your store
  • Feature Performance: Understand which Boost features are driving your growth
  • ROI Visibility: Clear view of your return on investment with Boost
  • Time-based Analysis: Track your store’s progress over time

It’s not about fancy charts or complex analytics. It’s about one simple truth: Boost works, and Moneyboard proves it.

🤝 The Boost Promise

  1. Easy setup: No PhD in computer science required. Get up and running quickly.
  2. Amazing support: We’re here when you need us, ready to help you make the most of Boost.
  3. Focus on results: Because at the end of the day, that’s what matters. We’re committed to helping you grow your business.

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