🛒 Upsell at Checkout

Boost’s checkout upsells provide precise product suggestions as customers finalize their orders, boosting the overall sale value.

🥈 AI Silver: Spot-On Suggestions

AI Silver assesses the cart and presents a singular, highly relevant product, enticing a last-minute addition.

AI Silver: Spot-On Suggestions

🥇 AI Gold: Adaptive Offers

AI Gold’s adaptability shines by suggesting one, two, or up to three products based on cart contents, aligning with the buyer’s preferences and increasing the likelihood of added purchases.

AI Gold: Adaptive Offers

✅ Checkout Rewards Progress Bar

Checkout Rewards Progress Bar

Boost’s Checkout Rewards Progress Bar visually illustrates how close shoppers are to unlocking a reward. Displayed at a strategic point during checkout, it highlights the gap between their current cart value and the next reward tier.

Say a customer’s cart is at 72,andfreeshippingunlocksat72, and free shipping unlocks at 99. The bar clearly shows the $27 gap, subtly prompting them to explore Upsells at Checkout.

Whether aiming for free shipping, a discount, or a free gift, the progress bar effectively nudges customers towards maximizing their cart value.

⚙️ Enhanced Checkout Features

Checkout Rewards Progress Bar

🌟 Trust Badges & Reviews

Boost trust instantly with trust badges, signaling secure transactions. Couple this with authentic customer reviews, showcasing real positive experiences.

⏳ Urgency Timer Banner

Prompt decisions with the Timer Banner, indicating time-limited deals or bonuses. By creating urgency, accelerate the checkout process and increase conversions.

ℹ️ Custom Fields & Content

Make your checkout unique. With Boost, add custom fields and personalized content, enhancing your brand’s presence and solidifying customer relationships.