⚡️ Checkout Rewards Progress Bar

Boost’s Checkout Rewards Progress Bar vividly shows shoppers how close they are to unlocking a reward. Positioned strategically during checkout, it indicates the gap needed to reach the next reward tier.

Example: If a customer’s cart is at $72 and free shipping unlocks at $99, the bar will clearly display the $27 gap, encouraging them to add more to their cart.

Ideal for encouraging customers to qualify for free shipping, discounts, or a free gift, this progress bar is a powerful motivator to increase cart value.

🚀 Upsell Types

Dynamic Product Recommendations: Adaptive offering of up to three products based on the customer’s current cart, enhancing their shopping experience.

Best Sellers: Utilizes your store’s top-selling products, recommending items based on the current cart contents.

Manual: Choose specific products you want to highlight to your customers.

👌 Perfect Pairings

Displayed beneath each item at checkout, these are selected from products you set as cart cross-sells, offering complementary choices that enhance the shopping experience.

Perfect Pairings discounts are linked to the Cart Reward Tiers. For instance, if you offer a 10% off cart reward and a customer unlocks this reward in their cart, the discount will automatically appear at checkout.

💰 Flexible Discount Options

Switch between dollar-off and percentage-off for offers, giving you the flexibility to tailor deals to your marketing strategy.

🔧 Customizable Upsell Block Placement:

Gain more control over the placement of the upsell block on the checkout page, allowing you to tailor its position according to your needs and preferences.

✅ How to Quickly Setup Boost Checkout Upsells