Maximizing Cart Value at the Crucial Moment

Ever wish you could give your customers a gentle nudge right before they complete their purchase? With Boost’s Checkout Upsells, you can turn the checkout process into a golden opportunity for growth.

Supercharge Your Shopify Plus Checkout

Transform your checkout from a simple payment process into a smart sales booster:

  • Offer tailored product suggestions that complement the cart
  • Show customers how close they are to exciting perks
  • Seamlessly integrate upsells without disrupting the buying flow

It’s not about selling more. It’s about enhancing the shopping experience when it matters most.

The Boost Difference: Smart Features for Smarter Sales

1. 🏁 The “Almost There” Bar

Motivate customers to reach for that next tier:

  • Visual progress bar shows proximity to rewards
  • Encourages adding extra items for perks like free shipping
  • Turns “almost” into “absolutely” with a simple, eye-catching design

Watch as customers excitedly add that one extra item to unlock their reward.

2. 🚀 Upsell Your Way

Choose how you want to tempt your customers:

  • Let AI do the work with dynamic recommendations
  • Showcase your crowd-pleasers with a best sellers option
  • Hand-pick your featured products for total control

It’s like having a digital sales assistant, trained just the way you like.

3. 👌 Perfect Pairings

Show customers what they didn’t know they needed:

  • Display complementary items right under each product
  • Automatically apply relevant discounts from your cart tiers
  • Make “You might also like” feel like mind-reading

Because the best sales feel like helpful suggestions.

4. ⚙️ Flexible Deals for Flexible Needs

Craft offers that speak to your customers:

  • Toggle between percentage and fixed-amount discounts
  • Align your deals with your broader marketing strategy
  • Find the sweet spot between enticing customers and protecting margins

Because one size doesn’t fit all in the world of upsells.

5. 🔧 Your Checkout, Your Rules

Place your upsells where they work best:

  • Control the positioning of upsell blocks
  • Maintain your brand’s look and feel
  • Test different placements to find your conversion sweet spot

It’s your store. We just make it work harder for you.

✅ Setting Up Your Boost Checkout Upsells

🚀 Ready to Boost Your Bottom Line?

Join the ranks of top brands using Checkout Upsells to turn browsers into buyers and buyers into bigger spenders.

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